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Engineering and Technical Inspection TAJHIZAT NIROO Co.

Message from the CEO

In addition to participating in the domestic market, this company participates in international projects for accessing its strategic vision and goals. Our goal is to be proud of the technical and engineering fields for the country in the world. High technical strength – engineering and the availability of hard-working personnel, most of them graduates from the top and international universities, are undoubtedly our most important asset in gaining technical and professional status. The successful experience of more than 1,000 major projects over the past 35 years of activity, nationally and internationally, is our key to globalization and increased activity. One of the most important activities of the company in the field of clapet production and export to Europe.

After the transfer of technical know-how and testing, the company provided the ability to manufacture, assemble and test this work piece of equipment inside the country. It is used in the construction of dams, bridge bridges and large concrete structures to reduce the compressive strength of concrete. The production of this work piece is exclusively owned by this company in Iran and the laboratory of this company is equipped with test of this. The components of the company will be handed over to the large dam companies after testing and issuing quality approval certificates.